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The Voice of Lakewood
Feb-2011 - No need for Wikileaks to discover A&B's best kept secrets. It all started in the winter of the 1970's. Mr. Benjamin Berger and Mr. Abe Koth joined in partnership to assume ownership of a small fish store in Monsey,NY which had stumbled upon hard times. Named A&B by Abe's eleven-year-old daughter, Miriam, (A for Abe and B for Benjamin) they opened their doors by serving the existing customer base and hoped for the best.

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The Journal News
20-Mar-2013 - Extreme Makeover. A new gefilte fish earns a welcome place at the Passover table. Poor gefilte fish. It's got no personality. So why are the Monsey-based founders of A&B Famous Gefilte Fish convinced their ground-fish loaves - sold frozen, not in jars - can make the Passover staple so popular that even non-Jews will clamor for a taste?


The Washington Post
1-Apr-2009- No Joke: Gefilte Fish That's Not Gooish For lots of Jews under 30, gefilte fish can be summed up thusly: Funny? Sure. Edible? Not so much.

We have taunted it with songs, jokes and kitschy T-shirts that sport images of Manischewitz jars and slogans such as "Gefilte Fish: The Other White Meat." We enjoy YouTube clips of gefilte fish wrestling promoted by the satirical Heeb Magazine.

It didn't seem fair to us that Jell-O and whipped cream always get all the fun," says contributing editor Oliver Noble.


The Record
12-Apr-2005- Large-scale Business Move Gefilte fish plant opens in Paterson.Few people would call Mendel Monhert's work exciting.

Day in, day out, he stands in an 8-by-10-foot room cooled to a steady 50 degrees, breaking eggs into a glass bowl and checking each one for blood spots. Though he cracks about 21,000 eggs each day, he has no complaints.

"It's a fun job," he said, explaining that he staves off boredom by listening to recorded readings from the Bible.

It's also a relatively new job - at least to Paterson.

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